Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Good Day to End the Year

It was a good day to end the year. Usually, the last week of December is hard for me, but 2011 was a good year. Makes me look forward to 2012. I feel I accomplished a lot. My photography has improved vastly. I went after and got a new position at work. My relationship with Brie and my mom has been good.

There are things I want to do better, serve God and grow in his word. Be patient. Give more to others. I spent a lot of time thinking about my resolutions. I wanted them to be meaningful and something that I would actually work on throughout the year. I was reading someone else's blog who inspired me to not make my resolutions more specific so that they would be measurable and could be acted upon.

Being that it's 2012, I decided to make 12 resolutions. Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Get up 30 minutes earlier than needed every morning to spend time in prayer and in God's word.
  2. Improve my photography by becoming active in a photography forum, reading a photography book once a month AND taking at least two photography classes.
  3. Watch the sunrise and the sunset at least once a month, contemplating God's beauty
  4. Visit someplace new at least once a month
  5. Walk Belle at least three times a week
  6. Find a ministry to serve God on a regular basis
  7. Make at least two new christian friends (maybe through a bible study?)
  8. Make dinner at least three times a week
  9. Eat at least two fruits and one vegetables once a day
  10. Blog on at least three times a week
  11. Track my resolutions on a weekly basis
  12. Spend quality time with my mom on a monthly basis