Sunday, November 16, 2014

It Took the Cake!

Yesterday I spent the day in as close to a catatonic day that I ever want to experience. I would much rather never ever experience it again. From the time I awoke to the time I closed my eyes for the last time, I was in tears. Not the running down your face tears, but the sobbing so loudly at times that someone would come to see how I was doing.

I didn't want to admit it at first, but one of the reasons for the breakdown was likely due to the change of medication. On Thursday, my doctor and I agreed that I would cut down on not only the steroid (one pill in total to 1/2 pill) but the morphine, too (2 pills in total to 1 pill in total). After some discussion with my mom and dad, we agreed it was probably too much for me and I likely was going thru some sort of withdrawal.

Mom is also not convinced that I took the correct dosages in the morning. That could well be. Regardless, I was a gigantic mess for most of the day. Crying because I was an emotional mess, crying because my neck and leg hurt, crying because I couldn't get comfortable, crying because everyone was worried about me, crying, crying, crying.

We decided to go back to the dosage of medication that I was on and see what happens. So far so good. I'm still feeling a little odd, but the pain is gone (hip hip!) and I haven't dropped a single tear today. On the plus side, around 9pm, Brie came to my room which was at first strange since I thought she left several hours before then for a party at Janae's.

Turned out Patrick had to work overtime and she had been waiting all this time in the car for him. I felt so badly for her...and him. He must be so tired. At any rate, I was still have trouble processing everything in my brain, but I was able to fake my way through it all. I suggested that we do something to pass the time and help her relax. She surprisingly agreed so she helped straighten my room and put together a shopping list for Target.

In what could be called divine intervention, he texted her, just as we were finishing up the shopping list. By this time, it was almost 10pm. I was pretty tired, but happy that she was happier than she was when she first walked in. As a reward, she brought me in a little late night snack...a yummy yummy cupcake from Max's birthday party!

I must say, it took the cake!!

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