Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Heart Connection|February

I've been looking forward to the end of February, not because I want time to fly because really I want to savor every minute, every moment of 2012, but because I've been looking forward to selecting my Photo Heart Connection for February.

It's been a lot of fun participating in Kat Sloma's challenge so far. The photo connections that I've seen have been most excellent and her blog has been an inspiration as I go out and shoot.

February was a good month for photos. I was able to go out with Matthew, Ashley and Maximus and take some good family pictures and my business trip to Austin was ended each evening with a photo exploration that was invigorating and exciting. I really expected to choose a picture from that trip.

Once again, I find myself surprised by the photo I ended up selecting. It's one I didn't even look at until tonight as I downloaded some pictures from last weekend. The day began with cool, cloudy weather. I was venturing out to a little town in our area called Claremont when I received a text message from my mom telling me to stop by the car show that our church was hosting. I had been on fence about whether to attend so her text was the sign I needed. I, in turn, texted Brie telling her to let me know when she awoke so I could come back home and we would go to the car show.

To say that she was less than thrilled is an understatement. Any other day I would have let her off the hook, but this time I was insistent. We would stay less than an hour, I promised her. It was after 1pm by the time we headed to the church. The weather had warmed up, the sun doing its duty. The church parking lot was packed with classic cars shinier than most kitchen appliances and happy people meandering about. I basked in the sun, as Brie and I walked together, enjoying this gift of time with my daughter.

When I saw this picture tonight, I was transported to that day. I remember the blue skies, the puffy clouds, the cool, but not cold air, the laughter of my daughter, our lighthearted banter, how alive I feel. I remember how I stopped to take this picture and seeing that reflection of myself, snapped the camera. I have a photo heart connection.


  1. Beautiful image, I love how the reflection runs all along the shiny edge. I love how photographs have the ability to evoke such strong memories, thank you for sharing yours - I almost felt like I was there too.

  2. I LOVE this photo so much I wish I took it. At first it's about the chrome and the shine and the car-it is then that it changes and becomes about you, a beautiful day and the setting. Love that. I'm glad that the image will always remind you of a sweet day.

  3. What a wonderful photo to remind you of a very special day! My husband and I have a 1940 Ford Pickup that we show. There's just something so nostalgic and happy at car shows! There's always lots of old stories and lots of laughter! Sounds like you had a special time together!!

  4. What a fabulous image and I love that you are reflected in it - and how it reminds you of your wonderful day! Thank you for sharing your connection!

  5. A lovely story and image for the Photo-Heart Connection this month! I like how it is abstract in some ways but reflects all that you wrote about - you, the lovely day, the car show. So much in one image. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great reflection, just awesome.