Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The last couple of weeks, I've struggled to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but this week I've been back in the game.

Clouds - the week was perfect for lots of cloud shots. This one was taken on Monday as I drove back home from my doctor's appointment. I love the sky after a day of rain and it had rained all day on Sunday so Monday the sky was clean and fresh and my heart was happy after getting some good news.

Sun flare - so hard to pick my favorite of the week, but ultimately, I loved the way the sun flare bathed my slug bug in light in this shot.

High Angle - At the train station on Friday, I climbed up to the pedestrian overpass and got this shot of the train as it started coming up the track. The power and heat of the engine as the train lumbered under the overpass was incredible

Low Angle - I've been in love with taking pictures of signs lately.

Seven - This one eluded me all week. So happy I caught this on the way home today.

It was so much fun to participate again. Next week's challenge looks like a good one, too. Click on the link to Scavenger Hunt Sunday below to see other entries and to learn more about participating.


  1. Great photos, love the low angel shot. :)

  2. Love that sun flare and the high angle pics! Amazing finds all around!

  3. I love the sign shot. I love pictures of old signs - yours is at just the right kilter to make it fun. I also adore the high angle shot - the linds and the train itself are awesome.

  4. Very nice entries. I really enjoy the way you are taking your work. The sunflare is my favorite.

  5. Great set! I love your style of photography.

  6. Wonderful set.
    Your Clouds were so pretty and I was also facinating by the Donut Building in the photo.
    Sun Flare - Lovely
    High Angle - What a great shot
    Low Angle - Very Interesting and Cool Sign
    Seven - Now that was a good find, clever girl.

    Thanks too for your visit and nice comment.

  7. Love love love that high angle shot!

  8. Another great set - can't choose a favorite. :)

  9. Only the best pictures of clouds includes a donut hole! I like your perspective of each prompt.