Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunrise In Tuscany

It was something I wished I had done in Paris and was determined not to miss this time in the sunrise in a foreign land. I didn't say anything to anyone about it because I was also afraid that it would be one of those things that we say we want to do and never do it.

I awoke in the early morning hour of the 13th, to quiet. Checked my phone, it was exactly 4am. I lay there praying, thinking, dreaming. I was in a Tuscany. I could feel anticipation, not in an anxious, unrelenting way, but in one full of hopeful promise. I was happy, content. I was in a Tuscany with my daughter and my best friend.

Sleep drifted over me in little spurts until I heard distinctly, the first morning chirp of a bird. The room up until then had been quiet and dark, just the light of the moon coming in from the open window. It started with just one lonely song. And within moments others began to join in. First one by one and then a symphony. Inside our little villa everyone else slept while outside the world was coming to life. This would be the morning I watch my sunrise.

I waited until 5:15 and then quietly arose. The room was still dark, but not pitch black. I could see without having turn on the light. Hesitating, I debated on whether I should wake Liz and see if she wanted to go. I took a chance and woke her from a deep sleep. Yes, she was game.

We got dressed, quickly, quietly, in the dark, trying not to wake the girls and made our way out the door. The air was still cool, filled with the songs of hundreds of birds, happy to start their day. Jasmine scented our path as we walked from our little villa to the pool which overlooked the valley.

Out in the distance, the sun sat behind a ridge. It was interesting how clouds seemed to have molded themselves to the hills so that they were a mirror image of the ridges.

We sat at the edge of the chairs by the pool, watching the sky change moment by moment as the sun slowly, but steadily made its grand appearance.

If we had been little kids, we may have wanted to pinch each other to make sure it wasn't all a dream.

I was reminded once again of the glory and awesome power of God. And how his mercies are new every morning. I thanked him over and over again in my mind for being able to be there and witness such a sight.

Liz and I talked in hushed voices, giddy with excitement. I was thankful I had woken her up for to share this with my best friend made it even more special.

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