Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo Heart Connection|March 2012

It was a wonderful month that I'm sorry to see come to an end...except for the fact that good things are up over the horizon. It's especially fun to cull through my photos and find that one to which that I have the biggest heart connection. Each month, Kat Sloma hosts a challenge in which we pick the one photo that speaks the most to our heart.

This month, I pick one that makes me smile and gives me hope. This was taken in Monterey at the beginning of the month when my family came together to celebrate my 50th birthday (Yikes, I know!). My brothers and sister and I don't live close to one another anymore, but we do try to get everyone together at least once a year. Now that our children are teenagers, it takes longer to for them connect so it was so nice that the hotel at which we stayed didn't have TVs in the room. After a day of sightseeing, they would hang out in one of the rooms or in the lodge together reconnecting in ways they might not have if there were other distractions around.

I love this shot of them on our last day together as we gathered at the beach for communion. My daughter, in the middle, my sister's daughter on the left and my son's son on the right, laughing over a picture. Pure joy. Pure love. Pure connection. After several days together, their walls had come down. It was a perfect weekend and this picture captures it all for me. I have a photo heart connection.

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