Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let the Sunshine In

Just as soon as April ended and May began, so it seemed that the sun stopped doing its duty. Yes, there were cloudy days and rain in April, but when the rain was gone it would give way to bright, clear blue skies. I was so looking forward to more of the same, but instead for the first few days of May, there was nothing but gray laden skies.

By Wednesday, I had had enough. As soon as I finished work, I headed west to the beach, hoping for a break from the dull, lifeless sky. I wasn't disappointed. As I got closer to the shore, to the east, the skies were still blanketed in a gray haze, but as it was getting ready to drop off the edge of the sea, the sun was breaking through the film of clouds.

There, I found my haven. It was just enough sun to brighten my spirit and yet because it had been cool and cloudy, there were very few people on the beach so it was mine for the taking. In the water were a few surfers enjoying the waves, taking in the last of what the sun had to offer. And sunshine was back in my heart.

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