Friday, May 25, 2012


This week's 52 Photos Project theme is "Pink". I had a few things in mind for the photo but the moment I saw this bike chained to a rack I knew this was my shot. It stood out in the crowd of bikes, the perfect shade of pink, highlighted with enough rust to make a girl happy.

Good thing it was chained up or I might have been tempted to take it on a joy ride.


  1. oh, i love this rusty old pink bike...great shot!

  2. Oh how I love old bikes and this one is a beauty! Of course I am a sucker for vintage, what I call wabi-sabi! Enjoyed viewing your site and would love to know where you found your film for your Pentax K1000. Just recently I dug mine out from geez over 30 years ago (!!) and thought I should try to find some film and play around with it. Albeit thoughtfully based on the developing price you mentioned, ha! Thank you for stopping by my site and commenting on the pink tutu!

    1. Hi Robin! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I got my film at a local camera shop. I'm not sure how much the roll cost, but to give you an idea, a new battery for my camera and a 36 exposure of film cost just over $12 which I thought wasn't that bad. I haven't finished shooting it yet. Hope to do that tomorrow.

  3. what a fabulous old bike! I'd have hopped on it for sure! Great shot!