Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Happened to Christmas

I started the month planning to blog every day. Instead, I worked like Santa's elf, trying desperately to finish Aurora's stocking by Christmas Eve.

Somehow I managed to finish both my Christmas shopping and Aurora's stocking just in the nick of time.

It did mean giving up certain things that were on my list of to-dos this season, such as taking pictures of a Christmas Tree Farm, driving around looking at lights, heading out one more time to the Grove for some Christmas ambience. I'll survive. And there is always the possibility of doing a few of those things this week.

On the last week before Christmas I realized I had hadn't crossed off as many loved ones from my "nice" list as I thought. Knowing my limitations, I decided to hit the stores each night and get one person taken care of at a time. On the plus side, I got to enjoy some of the Christmas lights that I might have otherwise missed.

We did manage to make it to my brother's annual Christmas party. And to Old Orange on the Sunday before Christmas.

It wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas Eve Service where candles are lit and Silent Night is sung right before midnight.

And as we walk outside to greet Christmas morning, "snow" falls in Southern California.

It is always my most favorite part of Christmas.

After a short winter's nap, the morning begins with another favorite part of Christmas...digging into our stockings.

Then into the living room to open presents.

It's enough to make anyone feel like a child.

If that doesn't do it, playing a game of Hungry Hippos will do the trick.

The only thing that would have made the day better would have been having Matthew, Ashley, Maximus and Aurora there to share the memories.

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