Saturday, June 29, 2013

She's Beautiful

When she told me that she doesn't like to get her picture taken, I told her that I understood. Really, I do. Most people our generation, before and after don't like it after the age of 10 or 11 when you become self-conscious about who you are, how you look and how others perceive you.

I loved that she was going to allow me to take them anyway. I tried to assure her that she needn't worry. First, she is truly beautiful. Sharp angular facial structures, sea blue eyes, and an inner beauty that reflects in her face. Doesn't matter that she thinks that she has wrinkles. Yes, she does and they make her look even more beautiful.

And just to prove to her how beautiful she is, I turned my cellphone camera on the both of us. We both smiled with our girls looking on as I took the picture.

I am blessed by the beauty of our  friendship.

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