Monday, June 10, 2013

Street Saturday

My plan this weekend was to take advantage of the mildly warm June weather and go "street shooting". I wanted to be adventurous. Okay, semi-adventurous because I was going to go somewhere I felt familiar with. I was willing and planning to go by myself, but when my bestie offered to go with me, I took her up on her offer.

The plan was to start at Union Station. From there we would either go to the Arts District or to Farmers Market outside the Grove.

To make it to both places, we had to get to Union Station a little before the perfect golden hour. Still, the light inside the main side of the station, is almost always solid. And there seems to always be something interesting to shoot.

After nearly an hour, roaming the station looking for photo opportunities, we decided to go to the Farmer's Market at the Grove. Getting there was quite the adventure. Stupid new iPhone Map App. I'm going to stop complaining and download the Google Map App. That one never failed me.

We eventually made it to our destination. Liz had never been to the Farmer's Market before so we were like two kids in a candy factory.

There were so many wonderful places to eat. It was hard to settle on one.

Afterwards, it was hard not to treat ourselves to something sweet...we did do a fair amount of walking after all.

So much eye candy. It was hard to be deliberate about the picture taking.

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