Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear July,

Just yesterday it seemed it was the first and now it's already the 12th, where have you gone?? For as much as I was dreading you, you have been a pleasant surprise, this week especially. The weatherman was calling for hot, hot days and instead you've given us weird, wacky weather with balmy skies and cooler than normal temperatures. I'm loving it!

Dear Eliz,

It was such a sweet surprise to get some pictures in the mail last week, especially since they were pictures of me. And, boy, am I shocked that I'm even excited about it because who in the world loves pictures of themselves?? Lately I have been noticing that I'm rarely in the shot and what with this cancer thing hanging over me, I should would like to leave some proof that I was here with a smile on my face. The self-portraits I've been doing are okay, but they are nothing compared to the ones you sent me where I'm in the frame with family that I love.

Dear Acki,

I'm so glad you're taking your summer photography class and even happier that you're trusting me to help with your projects. It excites me to share my love of photography. This week, I must admit, I came home a bit tired, but hanging out, talking about shooting and then going out and actually doing it was so much fun. Let's follow through on our plans to go to Union Station, Farmers Market AND Old Towne Orange. It'll make my old soul happy and young again. (and let's take Brie because I know she wants to come!)

Dear Sentinel Log,

You are the bane of my existence at work. I wish you would go away but I know that you aren't. I need to find a better way to manage you. And soon. Or my name. Will be mud. Or slacker. Whichever.

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