Monday, July 15, 2013

Watching 42 on the Field of Dream

Dodger game followed by the showing of 42 at Dodger's stadium. What could be better? She's been wanting to go to a Dodger game, again, for a while.

She also wanted to see the movie, 42. Sometimes she surprises me.

The next thing I knew, JJ and Mandie were going to join us. Even better.

And, at the last minute, Greg was able to get a seat just one seat apart from ours. We would depend on the kindness of strangers to move over a seat so he could sit next to us instead. I'm happy to report that kindness does still exist in this world. I had no doubt.

From the onset, there was something special in the air. Even with heavier than normal traffic on the way in due to an overturned tanker on the five. Even with seats in the sun on a hot summer afternoon.

The crowd was enthusiastic, not obnoxious. 

The pitching, from both teams, stellar, but Zack Grienke was the better ace and the Dodger's won, on a night that they should, what with honoring Jackie Robinson and all. It took just 2 hours and 15 minutes to record the victory.

As luck would have it, those sitting in the Pavilion section were allowed to watch the movie on the field. 

What is it about stepping onto a baseball field that seems to make dreams come alive and turns grown ups into excited little children. 

It was magical. 

Watching the movie with thousands of other baseball and Dodger fans. Clapping and cheering on men who deserve, even decades later, to still be honored. 

Answering Brie's questions about those moments of history that were shamefully part of our past. 

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