Monday, September 9, 2013

A Very Good Day

This morning I decided to take back my life from this hazy fog that has held me captive for the past two weeks. It was as if the cool breeze that wafted past me as I opened the sliding glass door breathed new life into me in the process. After the last few days of heat, the coolness in the air was a much welcomed relief. It was, without a doubt, the first sign of fall and it stirred me to life, filling me with much gladness and gratitude.

I made it to another season, my favorite one at that. Fall. Soon there would be an undeniable change in the air that would last for the whole day. Yes, we may not experience as they do in the East, but it still makes it way here, too, bringing new promises and carrying so many memories of the past.

In appreciation, I stepped outside to fully bask in the feeling, thankful that I was working from home and could start my day enjoying the songs of the birds, the rustling of the leaves and fullness that my heart felt. Belle ran from bush to bush, burying herself deep into the green vegetation in hopes of finding a lizard. I watched her prance about playfully, as content as I had felt in a long time.

As the sun began to fade, Belle and I ended our day much as we had begun it. Outside, in the backyard, as the air began to cool again. My back tired, I walked about the yard, willing my strength to return, my mind turning to vacation plans. God willing, I will take two weeks off in October just to write and work on my photo project. God willing, I will go to NYC in January where I will wander the street, exploring with my camera.

My plans took flight giving each step more purpose. If I want to roam the streets of NYC, I will need to build my strength. I am determined. I will do it. I will overcome.

It was a very good day.

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