Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodbye August

This is the post that I wrote on August 31st, but never published. Better late than never...

It’s the last day of August. After a wonderfully cool start of the month, the last few days have been typical summer fare, oppressive heat that attacks from all sides, the cover of the night bringing no relief. After a week of hiding out in the house, I ventured out, fully anticipating the wave of warmth that would surround my every move. I embraced it head on, I cannot let it stop me. I’ve already fallen victim to too much of the month already. My list of failed to-dos taunting me... "You’ve had 31 days and this is all you’ve done?" I don’t bother to list my excuses in reply. What do they matter? Failure is failure.
Yet it seems a small victory to end the month on a positive note and overcoming the heat is my punctuation mark on the month. Take that August! And all the crud you dished out, I will not be defeated. I will not concede the loss. September is now just one day away and with that brings new promise. I will take all that I have learned and with the strength of God, do all that he has willed me to do. 
I will continue with my photography, making sure that God comes FIRST. That HE is served through this gift. That this does NOT become my idol, but is used somehow to serve HIM. Just by being here today, I feel vindicated. Just by typing these words, I feel stronger. When it is time to rest, I will rest, but when it’s time to move, I will move. 
Today, I will be more positive, be more kind, reach out to those that I love. My unfinished list of goals will not be my failure no matter how many things I am unable to draw a triumphant line through. I'll make a new list tomorrow. Some of the things I didn't get to will be included again. Others will be dropped off without a second thought. I look forward to another month, another chance to make a difference with my life.
Goodbye August. Even though you weren't all I hoped you would be, this last day made up for all the others that weren't so hot.

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