Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National Sibling Day

I found out from a picture my daughter posted today on Instagram that it's National Sibling Day. Or at least that's what she said. Just to be sure, I googled it and, sure enough, today is the day to set aside any sibling rivalry and celebrate each other.

Thankfully, we've set aside sibling rivalry years ago, and believe me, with four of us so close in age, it was often the fifth child in our house. We have not always been the Brady Bunch and there are a lot of regrets I have as a younger and older sister, but I can truly say I love, love, love my siblings. I am so blessed by their presence in my life. And as an added reward, I am now blessed by sister-in-laws and a hoard of nephews and a beautiful loving niece.

This is how much I am blessed. On the night before my mastectomy, all my siblings came to support me, love on me and pray over me. They were there during my operation and I don't know if they know how much that meant to me, how much that gave me courage and strength to face the road ahead.

If there were one selfish wish I had, it would be that they all lived closer to me like in the old days because there are times I miss just driving at a moments notice to visit. But distance doesn't keep us apart in spirit and in love.

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