Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Folsom Powerhouse,

How could it be that I've been coming up here for over 14-years and never realized how beautiful you were? I don't know how I could have been so blind, driving past you time after time and never getting out and walking your grounds. There is so much beauty in this area, I can't bear to head back home.

Dear Coffee Republic,

You've been my little sanctuary for this past week. The place I could go for a quiet cup of coffee and a scrumptious cinnamon roll, if I was so inclined to through caution to the wind. With the weather so perfectly balmy, there was nothing more relaxing than sitting outside in your patio, listening to the birds happily chirping with a cool breeze kicking it up from time to time. What I wouldn't give to have a haven like you located so close to me.

Dear Nevada City,

What a lovely little town you are. I could picture myself staying at one of your quaint little B & B's for a few days, doing nothing but walking your streets for inspiration and writing my novel. I will be back.

Dear Grant,

I'm so proud of you. You were thrown a serious curveball so early in life which for many would have derailed them for the rest of their lives. But you have persevered and grown into a very fine young man. I love your determination and drive. I pray that you will always walk in the way of the Lord for I see many wonderful things ahead for you. I'm so thankful that I could come and celebrate this last week of school with you. It was a wonderful, wonderful blessing.

Dear Lord,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That I was able to be a part of Grant's High School graduation cerebration, that I was able to sit in the stands for the entire ceremony, that I was able to take pictures, see the sunsets, experience life. You are so good, so very good to me. Not to be greedy, but I want to be here for many more of these special occasions.

Dear Brie,

Mommy misses you. Can't wait to see you soon.

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