Sunday, May 26, 2013

One Scene Various Cameras

As I headed for my sister's house last week, my camera bag was stuffed with five different cameras, not including the phone on my camera. After months of work, work, work, I was looking forward to spending a few days exploring with my cameras. I couldn't help but wonder if this trip would end like so many, the cameras remaining tucked away just where I placed them in the bag.

After the first few days, I was afraid this would remain the case. Perhaps so, except for the fact that I fell in love with the morning light in my sister's kitchen window. How I could not have noticed it before, I don't know, but once I saw it, I couldn't get enough of it. On my last morning, I decided that I needed to capture it with all my cameras so I could see the difference from one to another.

This is the black and white shot I took on my iPhone the first morning I saw it.

This is the last morning on my iPhone again.

This is the shot I took with my Fuji Instamatic camera. This is one of my most favorite shots from this camera to-date.

This is the shot I took with my Polaroid 680 camera using Impossible Project's Color film. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until later that I had the flash on when I took the shot.

This is the shot I took with my DSLR.

The one taken on my K1000 will have to wait. I have one more shot to take to finish the roll.

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