Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Place I Call My Own

We all have that place. The place we go that soothes our soul, that stirs our heart, that calls to us when we need lifting or just want to celebrate life.

For me that place is the beach. Not the beach at summer time, but the beach at winter, spring and fall. When the crowds are light and there is unimpeded access from the sand to the shore. Doesn't matter if it's sunny and clear or cloudy and grey. In some ways, I like it better when there is some cloud cover. For me it adds character and interest. It becomes soulful.

It's the roar of the ocean, the salt in the air, the smell of bonfires and the possibility of a sunset. If I could be there at the golden hour, I would, watching the sun fall slowly into the horizon.

The last two weekends have been like heaven to me as I've finally been able to make it to the shore. I haven't been able to make it through to sunset, but still it's been wonderful.

It makes me want more. Looking forward to February when my cousin and I are planning to spend the weekend at the beach, writing and relaxing. But now I'm thinking that maybe I want to rent a beach house for a week and open it up to whoever wants to come visit.

Now that would be heaven on earth.

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