Friday, March 1, 2013

Exploring Venice

Free of our luggage, we were ready to explore Venice with the first order of business...get lunch. Following the advise of our sweet hotel receptionist, we walked over the bridge at the Campo de la Fava and found ourselves in a little alley way with a sign several shops down which read "The Mamo".

Like everything else we had seen at Venice so far, it was a tightly squeezed, but we were welcomed right away to a little table for four. We could tell the waiters were smitten with the girls. It was a rather funny scene, as three waiters came to the table talking to the girls, asking them their names while never giving Liz and me another glance.

Turned out the meal was a good as the service. It was without a doubt, the best meal that I had the whole trip.

The girls had fun with the attention, asking the waiter why pizza isn't sliced in Italy like it is in the states. The waiter didn't have a good answer, but he showed them how to properly slice their pizza.

After our tummies were full and satisfied, we followed the signs to the Piazza San Marcos. Passing scores of shops along narrow streets among scores of tourists, we came to an opening which led to the Piazza. On this side of Venice there was space.

There was still throngs of tourists, but gone were the narrow streets.

After having been cooped up in the car and then twisting and turning amongst the crowds in the narrow passageways, this was a refreshing change. We wandered around the area checking out souvenir stands, snapping pictures, simply enjoying ourselves.

I saw a little alleyway with lovely light so I talked the girls into going down the way and back again so I could take some pictures.

After roaming about for a while, it was time for gelato and to head back to see if our room was ready. We were feeling sticky and tired.

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