Sunday, March 3, 2013

Going Gondolas

We managed to make our way easily back from the Piazza San Marco to our hotel at the Campo de la Fava. How, I don't know. But I was thankful that we did. I was also thankful that our room was ready upon our return.

The girls were delighted with our accommodations. I thought I had booked a room with two queen beds. Instead, we had a one bedroom suite with a living room, dining room table, full on kitchen and laundry facilities to boot. But the nicest feature of all was the air conditioning which was already doing its duty. It was simple, but clean...and mosquito free.

After we rested, we decided it was time to find us a gondola. Sure it was cheesy thing to do, but this was Venice and sometimes you just have to be a full fledge tourist. As we were crossing over a foot bridge, a gondola was coming in for a landing. The family getting out were exclaiming about what a great ride it was, so we asked the gondolier if he would be willing to take us around the canals.

The ride started off as we expected. I had Dean Martin's "That's Amore" on my iPhone and started playing the song. The gondolier was telling us about some of the surroundings when he received a call on his cellphone. It was to be the first of several long phone calls in a row our gondolier took. In between calls, he apologized, telling us that he had to take the calls because they were from his best friend, his mother and then his wife. Apparently, they don't have no talking on the cellphone while steering a gondola law.

By this time we had pretty much written him off, not that we cared a great deal. After all, we were on a gondola in Venice with Dean Martin crooning to us over my iPhone.

Experiencing Venice from the viewpoint of a gondola is truly different.

It's something that must be done at least once. It was worth every euro we spent.

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