Sunday, March 24, 2013

Micro Mini Vacation

Thursday afternoon, I shut my computer down promptly at 4pm, threw some things into my overnight bag and Brie and I drove off to the desert for a mini micro vacation with my babies.

I can't get enough of them. Our Aurora is such a little cutie pie.

So sweet and happy. And her eyes, her eyes...

I was able to book the Westin in Rancho Mirage for under $100. Friday was perfect pool weather. 

It was so fun hearing their laughter, watching them play.

Check out was at 12pm which worked out well. By that time, the little ones were getting tired and everyone was getting hungry. 

After lunch, Aurora went down for a nap and Brie and I took Maximus for a ride on the wagon.

Our intention was to take Max to the neighborhood park.

Matt warned us that it was a bit of a walk, suggesting that we take the car. I thought he was underestimating my endurance. 

Turns out he knew what he knew what he was talking about. We had to turn around after several blocks. 

By the time we returned to the house, we were hot, sweaty, thirsty and tired. 

We kicked back, watching Toy Story as we dozed off and on, munching on homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Nothing makes me happier than being with my family.

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