Monday, March 25, 2013

Finding Purpose

All of us want to find our purpose in life. Depending on the job that we have, most of us want it to be something more than what we do for a living. I like my job. Sometimes, I love it. Sometimes, I get frustrated with it, but I always want something more than it.

There is a desire in most of us to create. What we desires differ from person to person, but ultimately we have a desire to create, whether it be to write, paint, draw, build, make, play an instrument, act, photograph. I believe this is because we are created in the likeness of God who is the ultimate creator. 

When we know our days are numbered, the desire to find out purpose becomes even stronger, even more meaningful. Every day it gnaws at me. Most days I feel I fall short. Yesterday was one of those days. 

But the beauty of it all is that today doesn't need to be a replica of yesterday, regardless of how many yesterdays we had. If there is something that you've wanted to do, I pray that you have another day to try it again. 

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