Friday, March 15, 2013

Into the Light

She walked into my room in the early evening to tell me hello. I was tired out from my day at work, resting in bed. As she walked across the floor, her face caught the light. I hadn't realized how beautiful it was, streaming in from the open curtains of my window. It was almost as beautiful as her.

When they both met at a certain point, she looked ethereal, her face glowing in the light. She could tell by the look on my face something was up. The light, I exclaimed, begging her to let me take her picture. She was tired, she protested. I didn't wait, I sprung from my bed, thankful my camera was in my room. Please, I begged her.

If she knew how beautiful she looked bathed in the golden sunlight, she would have let me take a thousand pictures. She only half-willingly obliged. I couldn't get her to turn in the direction I wanted. I couldn't get her to take the steps so the sunlight hit her at just the right place.

I didn't get the shot I had hoped for, but I will always remember how beautiful she was anyway.

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