Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Stealing this idea from a wonderful blog I happened upon in which I write short little letters to anyone and/or anything that I desire.

Dear Palm Desert,

Thank you for consistently providing gorgeous blue skies with beautiful mountain ridges that take my breath away. After the gloom of the week, your welcoming weather is just what I needed. Even if I don't like that my son and daughter-in-law live so far away, it's a wonderful place to come visit (except for the dead of the summer and the 100-something temperatures, I don't care if it's a dry heat or not) and at least you're within driving distance.

Dear Body,

I don't know what's up with you. Why are you suddenly making it harder for me to walk when I was moving around pretty decently before? Why is it suddenly hard to bend over to mousse and dry my hair. These have always been my litmus test to how strong I am so I'm a little worried here. I thought after the Aredia infusion I had last week that I would be feeling stronger, not weaker. I'm hoping it was just the damp, dreary spring start that we had and not related at all to you know what.

Dear Motivation,

Whatever you do, don't let what Body is doing affect the things you want to do. You can kick Body into gear if you keep on moving, but already I have felt you slow down too. Get back to it!

Dear Hipstamatic,

Thank you for creating such a wonderful app so I can take pictures I love. Sometimes the results are disappointing, but it's user error, not you. I didn't realize how attached I have grown until I dropped my phone into my cup of coffee and had to do without you for half a day. It was agonizing. I love, too, the prints I finally had processed. It makes me love you even more.

Dear family

I've been reading "The Kneeling Christian". It has opened my eyes to what prayer can be like when prayed with a right and trusting heart and it has opened my heart to desire to pray more fervently, more specifically and more devoutly for you, for others and for me. In our family, we knew that my grandma was our great prayer warrior. It is my desire that I would be this for you, for others, for me. But at the same time, how much powerful it would be if you would join me on this journey.

Dear chocolate chip cookies,

What a delightful little treat you are. I must say we did a standup job of mixing all your ingredients up and baking you to the perfect consistency of golden brownness. You have made a tasty little treat as I wait for the kids to wake up and join me for breakfast.

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