Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear little lizard,

I don't know who was the most scared, you or me. Without a doubt, Belle was the most excited as she tried desperately to claim you as her trophy. How you got into the house, I wish I knew, but the fact that I last saw you scamper through the small crack under the pantry creeps me out. Be warned, if you show your ugly self again, I won't hesitate to sic Belle on you.

Dear Max,

You melted my heart when you scampered down from your chair last night and kissed me, not once, but TWICE, on my leg. You have no idea how much that meant to grandma. I love you soooooo very much! It was so much fun reading books even if you got to "the end" and beat me every time. I wish we could have spent the night. Next time :)

Dear Aurora,

Is there anyone sweeter than you? I think not!

Dear Fatigue,

Is it ironic to say that I tire of you?

Dear LA,

Let it be said that I'm planning an invasion. With my trusty new book, The Bests Thing to do in LA, I'm going on an attack to explore more of the area with my camera, fatigue be damned.

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