Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Pop,

Thank you for sending me the daily devotional book on Tuesday. Wednesday morning as I drank my coffee, I opened the first page and there in two sweet paragraphs were God's words to me. They were so fitting, I took a screen shot so I could absorb them over and over and over again. The word that struck me the most was wholeheartedly. It made starting chemo easier today.

Dear Eliz and Liz,

Your prayers and text messages meant so much. I know the devotional and your prayers were the reason I could walk into a new cycle of chemo without the angst I was feeling for the last two weeks. I thank God for your love and support.

Dear Old Towne Grinder,

Your selection of pop is second to none. Your staff is personable and fun to talk to. Your float recommendations make for bubbly perfection. But your chili cheese fries are a big disappointment. I don't know what that was that was placed on the mound of fries, but that was not chili. And the cheese? Where was it? Next time, I stick to ice cream and soda.

Dear Cupcakery,

Mom said the chocolate cupcake I bought for her was one of the most delicious cupcakes she's had. It did look mighty tasty in your window display which is why I don't understand why you put the cupcake in a paper sack. Sure the paper sack was white and had a cute sticker on it, but it didn't make it to the car without tipping over. Also, what's up with the No Photo Shoot sign in your window?

Dear Fatigue,

I don't mind a little of you, but please stop taking over my weekends. Enough is enough.

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