Thursday, August 29, 2013

I know that He's there

It's been a rough week. It makes me appreciate the simplest things. The kinds of things that most people do without a second thought. And though I know I may never know, I always try to understand the why. Perhaps if I learned my lesson quickly, I will be restored. I grasp for what may never be, but still I reach out in my prayers, begging, pleading and even when I finally come to rest in His peace I never give up for He says we can ask and ask and ask again. 

It breaks my heart because my energy is sapped, rendering me useless to all, going through motions until I can collapse, hoping never to get up again. But then I read my devotional and hope is my friend again. The words I read so perfectly sooth my soul. Is it a trick? How does the message answer precisely the cries of my heart? It must mean something. It must.

I know that He's there. I know that He hears me. I know that He can heal me. I pray that He will. As I drove home this evening, I cried out to God, just those words, "I know that You're there. I know that You hear me. I know you can heal me. I ask that you take pity upon your child and answer my prayers." Over and over, again, I spoke those words. Not in anger, perhaps in desperation, and it felt so good to be able to go to him and say those things. 

Because I know that He's there.

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