Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Acki,

Thank you for humoring your friend's mom and going with me to explore Union Station with a camera. I'm so glad you trust me enough to let me show you a few things about photography. It's fun to share what I've learned with others. Just remember what I told you, photography is an art. It takes time to learn, just like it takes time to learn to play the piano or guitar, just like it takes time to learn to paint or play baseball. Can't wait to see where this hobby takes you. Looking forward to the three of us exploring Old Towne Orange and hopefully New York City in January.

Dear Jonathan,

Your article today not only made me laugh, but it made me see you not just as a chef, but as a writer. If you keep this up, I can easily see you writing a book one day. A book that will be published. A book that will lead to another book. I believe in you. I hope you do too.

Dear Union Station,

I may have already told you this, but I am in love with your light, with your ambience, with the scores of people that travel through. You never fail to enrapt me with all that you offer this want-to-be photographer. I know there may come a day that a ticket will be required to enter your building. I pray that day never comes.

Dear LA,

Sometimes I feel like a voyeur when I roam your streets. Like an outsider who doesn't belong. I live in the suburbs and drive through the area with my windows rolled up and doors locked tight because that's what I've been taught to do. You fascinate and scare me at the same time.

Dear Belle,

Have I told you lately that I love you? Thank you for keeping me company this past week while mom and Brie were gone. I would have been so lonely. When Brie gets back I'm going to make her give you a nice bath (sorry, you smell) and a nice long walk.

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