Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Story in My Fifth Face

It's the face I wasn't sure was going to happen. When I was little, I remember thinking that when the year 2000 came, I would be 39 years old and that seemed old to me. Needless to say 50 seemed ancient. But three years ago my life changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. From diagnosis to mastectomy to learning that it had metastasized because my hip broke was less than a month's time. My whole right side of my body was foreign to me. My world was spinning out of control and yet I clung to the fact that my life was ultimately in God's hands. I clung to the fact that he knew me and my children and I had to trust that no matter what was ahead that he would be control of those plans.

It wasn't easy, but slowly, slowly a new norm began to surface. And in it came an appreciation for what I have, for those I love, for the every day, for the special days. I still let too much time slip between my fingers and I don't know what tomorrow will hold in store for me, but I know that I have been blessed beyond measure, became a grandmother to a beautiful boy with another grandchild on the way and my children seem happy. And for that I am thankful.

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