Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Streets of Austin

Things I want to remember about my trip to Austin.

The little pizza place I ate at the first night I was there. It looked interesting and smelled so good when I first walked in. It was delish.

How incredibly invigorated I felt in the morning when I walked from my hotel to the office. There as a nip in the air, but it just made me feel more alive. It felt good to start the morning with some exercise. 

The joy I felt to realize that the Starbucks I found near the office was also near the Capitol. For some explicable reason it pleased me immensely.

The way the barren trees looked against the brick facades, the sky, the Capitol. I couldn't get enough of them.

The wackiness of 6th Street.

The guitars of Austin.

The daringness I felt at taking pictures regardless of who was around and what they thought.

My walks to and from the office always took a little longer because I was constantly stopping to take pictures.

The lovely church that I passed to and/or from my way to the hotel/office every day.

The funny things I found along the way. Things I would have missed if I had rented a car or asked someone to pick me up. (Whoever you are that put that there, you made my day!)

The fact that my Starbucks app never, ever lets me down.

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