Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Long morning at work today, but gained an hour back when a 4-1/2 hour long meeting ended an hour earlier than scheduled. Those are always the best.
  2. As a reward, I treated myself to an Oreo 31 Below at BK. It was the worst one I've ever had. The Oreo's were stale which really bothered me because I kept thinking that if the Oreo's are bad, what condition is the rest of their ingredients.
  3. That didn't stop me from eating almost the whole thing without complaining. It's the middle child in me to suffer in silence. All I kept thinking was I should have gone to Haagen Dazs like I originally wanted to.
  4. My brother, Vic, is in town from MS on his way to Barstow. We went to BJ's for dinner which was pretty delish. I got a little carsick on the ride back, fiddle on my phone as he drove home. Maybe I'll just move to Australia.
  5. Got a call from Brie's school today with the list of announcements for the week. I was grinning almost the whole time as I listened to instructions regarding next school year, realizing that this is it for me as far as primary school goes. Hip, hip, HOORAY!!
  6. Finished my taxes last night which I'm so happy about because I had that feeling that it was now or never. I owe $80 to the Feds, but will be getting enough back from the state to pay that and the rest of my camera balance. I always get that anxious nervous pit on my stomach as I prepared and submit my taxes. 
  7. On the subject of crossing things off my list, I also submitted my expense report for my trip to Austin AND made my doctor appointment (finally) so all I have left on my list is check out Fullerton college classes for Brie. I'm starting feel back on top of things.
  8. Want to be sure to work on my bible study tonight. That's what's really the most important thing of all.
  9. Looking forward to having the morning off tomorrow so I can just hang out with my little brother. And sleep in a little. Except I have to get Brie up for school. At least it's late start.
  10. Or maybe, just maybe I'll try to get up early enough to watch the sunrise. Or maybe not. We'll see.

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