Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

I feel so blessed. My second wonderful weekend in a row.

Friday was spent relaxing with a good magazine and a creamy mocha, getting my creative juices revved up.

Saturday was spent with Brie and my little family out in the Desert at the Riverside County Fair. We stopped at In-N-Out on the way for nourishment. For me it was a photo op because who doesn't love the light that is abundant in every In-N-Out restaurant.

Brie made a comment later on that I am always taking pictures. Made me wonder if I'm too over the top, but hey, I'm not asking anyone to pose, stop what they're doing or otherwise directing them for a shot. And I did stop once I got a few cute pictures.

The fair was sooooo much fun! Most of the time was spent at the children's ride area which made this little guy very happy.

Almost as happy as the cotton candy that he was able to talk me into buying him. That's what grandma's are for (with mommy's approval of course).

I did good at first walking around, but after three hours, I pretty much hit the wall. It brought the fun to an abrupt end. Fortunately the babies were tired, too, so I didn't feel quite so bad about being a party pooper.

Brie and I ended up driving straight home which was probably a good thing because the rest of the evening I spent recuperating. Much of the drive home was spent in happy silence broken every now and then as we remembered something happy from the hours before.

This morning, I woke feeling rested and ready to start the day. I didn't have anything on my calendar other than church so the day was mine to do as I pleased. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed the day.

I spent the morning reading my bible, puttering around the house, cleaning my room and then I went out to Old Town Orange, where I did some walking, enjoying the weather, working on my laptop at a local coffee shop, taking pictures while window shopping and eating lunch at a restaurant I never tried before.

I seriously wish I could rinse and repeat....over and over again because this weekend was wonderful.

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