Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Kind of

Last week was my kind of week. It was a good week of work, The kind that I love, where I accomplish a lot, feel good about what I do, about the contribution I made. The kind that make me look forward to starting the day and shutting down my computer after eight hours of fulfilling my obligations.

Last week was made even better by a mid-week visit at work by Brie and Acki. The plan was to head out to the beach for some picture taking, followed by dinner

It was my kind of afternoon/evening. Two of my favorite girls, at one of my favorite beaches, during my favorite time of the year with picture perfect weather. What was not to love?

From the moment we arrived, the girls went crazy taking pictures. I loved it!

It was non-stop fun as the sun went down casting a beautiful glow on everything in sight.

I hated to leave, but by this time my bare feet had gone numb. I watched the sun disappear into the horizon, one more time before we turned to fill our growling stomaches.

It was my kind of Love.

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