Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Second Time Around

This time around, it's easier. The new (and much improved) infusion center helps. a. lot.

Last time, on average I got into the infusion chair at least an hour to an hour and a half after my scheduled appointment. This time, there hasn't been an appointment where I haven't been in my chair either early or within 5 minutes of my appointment.

Last time, the infusion center was located on the corner of the third floor, cramped and far away from the parking lot. This time the infusion center is on the first floor, one of the areas closest to the parking lot. And it's so pretty.

Last time, the infusion chairs were comfortable, but old and almost impossible to recline on your own. This time the infusion chairs are comfortable, but have remotes to make it easy to recline at the touch of a button.

Last time, I was frightened, angry, scared. This time, I'm thankful, friendly, at-ease.

Oh, and this time around there is free Wifi.

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