Monday, February 11, 2013

Something New

Going to try something new. Something I haven't tried before. Nothing big. Nothing exciting.

Going to make me my first quilt. Well, the quilt isn't really for me. It's for my Sunny Boy.

I've been wanting to do this for over a year now. Ever since I saw one on someone else's blog and thought, "I can do that". Sometimes I tell myself that even though I don't know if I really can. I find it helps to believe in myself.

My son is a t-shirt guy. Once he has one that is near and dear to his heart, he wears it to death.

When he got married he had to leave some of his t-shirts behind. He couldn't bring himself to trash them so I going to make him a quilt.

I might need to collaborate with my daughter-in-law as she has more experience than I do. Yesterday I started with the easiest and hardest step...the beginning.

Oh, and something else new I decided to do is join the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. The first step was to sign up. The next step is to go through my photos and pick a photo. If you're interested in joining, do the first step, click on the link below and join in the fun.

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