Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He is Able

My daily devotion speaks to me. It's been such a blessing in light of the way that I've been feeling. Mentally, I'm doing well. Physically, the struggle to walk without pain in my lower back has been wearing on my body and at times on my psyche. If I didn't have to move I would be alright, but I need to move and that's what makes it hard.

If it weren't for the daily inspiration, I would probably be a weepy, depressed mess. It is as if God is speaking directly to me, encouraging me, reminding me, promising me...

  • That He is with me every step of the way
  • That He is in control
  • That I can trust completely in Him
It is what I cling to as I walk from my car to the office, from my office to the conference room, basically, anywhere more than five steps away. And just when I think, I can't do it anymore, I find solace in his words, knowing that in my weakness, He becomes strong, stronger than I could ever be on my own. 

At first it was hard. I had to let go of those things I've been stubbornly holding on to, such as my 365 photography project. Within the depths of my soul though, I knew that I had made photography my idol and it was time to let go. It's also hard to let go of my desire to travel. I still long to heal enough to take that trip to NYC and roam the streets with my camera in hand, stopping only for coffee served in real cups. 

I like to imagine that God has put me in this position for some reason. Perhaps to write, but even then I haven't done much of that either. 

Still I don't give up hope. Hope that God will heal me. Hope that I will be able to walk without pain again. Hope that I will be able to stand up straight (and tall). Hope that I will be able to turn to photography without turning into my idol. Hope that I will write something meaningful. I don't give up hope because I know without a doubt that God is able.

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