Saturday, October 12, 2013

In the Game

October 12. The month has almost half past. Where did it run off to? If I'm going to live, then I'm determined to live and it seems that for the past few weeks, I've been somewhat going through the motions. I say somewhat because this time around I feel like my head and heart are in the game, it's just this body of mine that isn't cooperating.

Still I know there is more I can do. Because it's hard to move, I come home, sit on my recliner, wasting far too many minutes (hours) on the internet and watching too much TV. That must change. Starting. Now.

Even in this state, I know there is something more that the Lord wants of me. It's my job to understand what that is and then do it. I can make excuses or I can find a way to live. For the rest of this month, I want to:

  1. Make a trek to Crystal Cove
  2. Finish at least three more portraits for my photo project
  3. Work on two assignments from the Visual Toolbox guide I bought
  4. Finish hanging my pictures on the wall
  5. Go out at least twice with a camera in my hand
  6. Pray every day thoughtfully, specifically, devotedly for six people in my life
  7. Find ways to spend more time outdoors
Time to get to it!

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