Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Goodness of the Moment

After a long day, fighting with emotions, the evening started to look up. In the early evening hour, right after my mom got home, I walked outside for a few minutes. It had rained earlier, but the skies had cleared just enough to make for a wondrous composite of clouds, blue and reddish yellow hues.

As I shuffled across the sidewalk, a light drizzle began, cleaning off all the angst I had felt earlier in the day. My hope began to spring again. I only wished I could have stayed out there longer soaking in all the goodness of the moment.

I wasn't about to take any chances with the pain so I downed my douse of steroid and two pain meds sometime after 5pm. They both helped a lot, as did an unexpected visit from some friends in the neighborhood and a FaceTime call with my little family in the desert.

This morning I woke up in much greater spirits. The hardest part is trying to figure out how much pain I  should mask and how much activity I should endure. I do not in any way want to aggravate my fractures any more than they are already. I have hope for healing and want to do everything I need to do to make that happen.

Adding to my peace and comfort are the prayers I know are being sent up in my name. Yesterday I received a sweet card from my cousin's wife. While it made me cry, it also made me feel so loved and happy. That's what is so important. And it's equally important for me to find a way to love on my loved ones even with limited mobility right now.

It's why I also feel a compulsive need to find thanks all day long. In the little things and the big things.

Things I for which I'm thankful:

  1. A delicious spaghetti dinner prepared by my mom and enjoyed around the table by the three of us
  2. Brie so willing to run errands for me, including refilling my steriod prescription
  3. A lovely rain yesterday that I enjoyed with windows open experiencing the full effects of the cool air and drip drip drops of the raindrops falling
  4. Working today with the sliding glass open, the fresh air stirring my soul
  5. My feed hitting the ground as I got up from bed this morning
  6. My lovely daughter in law who shares her children with me so wonderfully
  7. Friends who stop over with See's Candies for support
  8. A sweet card in the mail 
  9. The ability to wake up my daughter for school this morning
  10. A day in which to give Thanks and Glory to God

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