Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Believe Me

Believe me when I say, this morning was breathtakingly beautiful. I have no pictures of the morning, nothing to show the glorious skies, nothing that replicates the cool, crisp, clean air. Only the memories of how alive I felt, how quick the spring in my steps were as I walked from the car to the office. I love, love, love California in January.

If it weren't for the responsibilities I have, it would have been simple to put the top down and keep on driving. But then, again, if it weren't for the responsibilities I have, I probably wouldn't have been awake to see the sunrise that I did.

I did get to drive home with the top down and a smile on my face. It was a wonderful feeling to have my hair whipping around. The peppiness has long left me and I'm trying to get motivated enough to do something more than just lay in my bed.

Yesterday I got enough of my wind back to learn how to add textures to my photos so I could change the look and feel of my photos from this:

To this:

Thanks to Kim Klassen's Textures in Ten class.

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