Thursday, January 5, 2012

I tried not to hover. Last night Brie tearfully told me that she felt a lump on her right breast. It was almost three years to the day that my own journey with breast cancer began so while I knew the odds were slight that this was something serious, it was hard not to be concerned.

She asked me not to hover. So after a restless night of sleep, I went into the office as planned. Praying to God. Asking. Hoping. I called first thing in the morning to make a mammogram appointment, but because of her age, we had to see a doctor first.

Thankfully, Kaiser tends to act fast. We were able to get an appointment right away and even more thankfully, the doctor said that there really wasn't a lump.

In between it all, I was at time full of peace, other times a little anxious. At the end I was grateful and would have cried except that Brie didn't want me to. So I tried to keep it inside, but still I couldn't stop smiling.

Still don't have great pictures to post, but the ones I took are heading in the right direction.

A quick picture of the beginning of the sunrise as I was getting ready to walk into the office.

A homeless Santa I spotted as I was gassing up the car heading back home to go to the doctor's. If it weren't that I was in such a hurry. I might have actually gone up to him for a better shot.

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