Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trying to catch up from the long week. It really bothers me that I didn't get much done during the week nights because it makes it so hard to choose how it is that I want to spend my weekend. I hate the conundrum of trying to decide between doing something productive, such as cleaning out the garage, versus doing something fun. Trying to do a lot, versus trying to get some rest. Trying to balance it all, never really works.

I was determined to get some decent pictures this weekend.

I did end up with one photo on Friday that I felt was worth posting. After lunch at Panera's I stopped at Peet's for a cup of coffee. As I was waiting for my drink, I was looking at the things they had for sale and snapped this shot.

There was a funny caption on the plate, but I can't even remember now what it read. In my defense, I was running on empty by that point.

Today I was bound and determined to get a good picture of something. I originally was planning to go to the Santa Monica Pier so that I could fulfill my resolution of going somewhere I've never been during the month, but common sense got the better of me and I decided it wasn't really the best use of my time. Instead I decided that I would take care of some errands and then before sunset check out an area of Whittier that I've wanted to explore for a while now.

Since I had a gift card for In n Out (thanks mom!), I stopped there for lunch. As I was getting out of my car, I noticed this tree that had carvings. Snap, snap!

Lunch was pretty tasty, but before I could eat, I decided to take another picture! It looks every bit as delicious as it really was. 

After running my errands, I came home and rested up in anticipation of my "adventure". While I was resting up, I got a call from Dick's letting me know that Brie's letterman jacket was ready to be picked up. With basketball on Monday and me going into the office all next week, I decided that it would be best to pick it up before I went to Whittier. 

The timing worked out right. I was so pleased with the jacket, I couldn't wait to show Brie. 

From there I went straight to Whittier. There was an area that for the longest time was a train overpass. I wasn't sure if it still was or not because the last few times I drove by it looked like it may have been turned into a pedestrian walkway. 

It took me a few times around the area to find out how to get there. I was disappointed with the angle of the setting sun. I wasn't disappointed with some of the beautification that the city of Whittier must have added to the area.

I was also disappointed that the train tracks had been replaced by cement and that there were fences built on the inside of the bridges. 

Still, it was great to be outdoors, great to be walking, great to finally check out the area, great to be taking pictures that don't look totally lame (in my opinion).

Afterwards, I rewarded myself by stopping at Starbucks and taking a few more pictures.

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