Monday, April 30, 2012

Drive On

We should just keep on driving, she suddenly said, out of the blue as we drove home from church yesterday. I was deep in thought, and up until that moment, our morning was off-kilter as it often is with mothers and daughters so I was startled by her words.

Drive to where, I asked, half hoping she would say New York, but half afraid she was going to say Las Vegas. I don't know why I would think that, but I did.

The desert, she replied, let's go visit Matthew. I didn't have to think twice, replying with an enthusiastic, yes. Just as I was surprised by her proclamation, she seemed surprised by my acquiescence. But why would I say, no? A chance to spend almost two hours each way in a car with my daughter with the added bonus of seeing my sunny boy, his wife and my baby love? Yes, yes, yes!

I had just one request. What, she asked. Can we stop at home to pick up my camera? I was afraid she would protest. I was surprised when she didn't. We made a promise we wouldn't take more than ten minutes in the house. We were on the freeway in less than five. She called Matt to let him know we were on our way. We were both half afraid his words would turn us around. They didn't.

It was just what we needed. At least it was just what I needed. Things I want to remember about the day:

  • How we laughed at the silliest things on our way to the desert, like the woolly mammoth on the side of the hill right before Moreno Valley
  • How she took a picture of the Tazo tea I bought her and posted it to Instagram, thanking me (that's my girl!)
  • How handsome Matt looked when we got there (and to think I didn't get a single picture of him)
  • How beautiful (but tired) Ashley looked
  • How during and after lunch, Max came and climbed onto my lap without any prompting at all. Heaven on earth!
  • How Brie and I snuck Max away while Matt and Ashley got some rest
  • How happy Matthew's face looked when I asked him if he was looking forward to meeting his little girl soon (it's only a month away now!) and he answered with an excited yes. He's such a good daddy.
  • How beautiful sunset was as we headed back home

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