Monday, April 16, 2012

Formulating a Plan

Last night I had strange dreams and somewhere in the middle of the dreams, they began to make sense and I could feel a plan formulating. I felt a sense of peace and direction. And even better when I woke up it didn't seem crazy or far-fetched. And I could remember the dreams. And I could remember the ideas and plans.

A plan in which I think I will be fulfilling my purpose. A plan in which I think can glorify God. I want to be sure that it a plan which really has God's blessing before I share it out loud. So for now, I will start moving forward. I will go as he leads me. I have already begun.

I will tell you this. It includes writing.

It includes photography.

It includes stretching myself in ways that I have never stretched myself before.

It includes stepping out in faith.

We'll see where it leads me.

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