Monday, April 23, 2012

When Less is More

I passed by Brie's room on Saturday and she had Belle sandwiched between her legs, giving Belle a pedicure. On one hand I felt bad for Belle, on the other hand it looked so funny I couldn't resist running back to my room for my camera.

When I sat at the doorway with my camera in hand, Brie protested. I protested back...I'll just take it mainly of Belle, I promised, no one will even see you. Well, I lied. Yes, I took some in which Brie was mostly out of the frame, but the majority of them had her perfectly placed. Funny thing was, when I went to edit the pictures, I liked the ones in which you could only see part of Brie. I felt they were more compelling pictures.

Isn't this often the way it is with our answers from God. If we had our way, He would give us everything all the time, the second we asked for it. No, make that before we asked for it because he is God and he should know, right? But how many times do we look back and realize that He knew exactly what we needed. And it's always much better than what we thought we wanted.

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