Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The World in Black and White

It was a very quiet day. After what I wrote yesterday, there was very little writing and very little photography going on. I feel like it's the lull before the storm.

Just a few minutes ago, I went back to the self portraits I impulsively took yesterday. I took them as I was sitting at the kitchen table sometime around 9pm. I happened to look towards the backyard and saw my reflection staring back at me. It was ghostly but definitive. My camera was sitting within arms reach and without really thinking about it, I grabbed my camera and began clicking away. It actually felt natural.

Self-portraits are hard to do. It's easy for me to take pictures of my legs, feet or shadow and call it a self-portrait. But of my face? Can't do it. If I smile, I think I look goofy, but if I don't smile, I look mean or unhappy so I cover my face with my camera and problem is solved. It was a bit of a victory for me to slowly move the camera down and actually edit the pictures.

Today I further edited them, changing them to black and white. I like the result a lot better. They're definitely edgier and I think they're a better interpretation of the way that I felt when I took the pictures.


  1. love these. so good to see you.
    XO thank you for sharing these with us at shutter sisters today.

  2. I love these, especially the last one! There's strength there.

  3. Lovely trio of you!