Saturday, April 28, 2012

Serve Saturday

Five or six years ago, our church conducted a large scale bible study on the 40 Days of Community which culminated in each group picking a service project to aid the community. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience, so much so that the next year our church enlisted the aid of all the congregation and instead of church service, we had community service. And a tradition begun.

What I've like most about serve weekend is that we go out into the community and show the love in God through the giving of our time and resources. It is also a wonderful opportunity to bond with church members. There is nothing that builds love and trust more than working together for the glory of God.

This year, I served as one of the photographers which means instead of painting, planting or making meals, I went to visit three projects and photographed the teams at work. The photography team was lead by Eduardo who provided us with all the tools we needed to be successful photo journalist. 

I wasn't nervous until this morning. What if the pictures come out bad? How do I direct everyone once I get there? What if no one wants me there? How will the group shot come out, because I'm terrible at posing and group shots. 
Then I prayed. Prayed that God would give me clear direction. Prayed that this would glorify Him, not me. Prayed that the pictures I took would show His people, doing His work, in His name. And I loved every minute of it. 

From the moment I arrived, everyone was gracious and excited to have me there documenting their work. They let me take pictures without looking up with cheesy smiles every time I pointed the camera in their direction. Since it was mostly candids, I was in my element. Yes, there were the obligatory group shots, but I think they worked out okay.

But most of all, I felt part of each group. I saw God's work at hand. It was a beautiful thing. I loved it so much I went to photograph each group not once, but twice. I came home worn out, but exhilarated. 


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