Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Exploring Fair Oaks with a Camera

My sister loves me. She loves me so much that she took two whole days of her precious vacation and went exploring with me, never once complaining that I would stop in the mid-sentence (hers or mine) and take a picture with either my 40D or my iPhone, often times with both.

She actually suggested places that we could go. One of which was Fair Oaks where roosters and chickens roamed free as birds throughout the town.

I have to admit, when she first told me about the roosters, I was not overly impressed. Until I got there. Then I was fascinated. There were a LOT of roosters roaming around. Cars had to stop. Cars behind the cars honked their horns. I learned that roosters apparently even have tree climbing skills.

Who doesn't love an old town with a genuine coffee house where the locals gather.

And eclectic houses with character...and art studios (my heart was swooning, yes, swooning!)

Real antiques.

I decided that if I ever relocate, I would move to Fair Oaks and become the Chicken Lady.

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