Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day Thirteen

Today was supposed to be a celebration of sorts…my last day of radiation. As the technician lowered the radiation bed and pulled my feet from the blocks, she said something about the target spot being smaller tomorrow. Tomorrow? I thought today was my last day, I exclaimed. Oh, no, she said, you have five more days.

She probably thought I was upset, but I wasn't. This meant there would be no chemo tomorrow, no need to head upstairs for the blood test after the radiation as I had planned. The only question was, should I still go to Dripp as planned for a celebratory latte and pastry?

I was feeling so good, I decided to continue with my plan to play a little hooky and treat myself to such decadence. Even though I forgot to order a "vanilla" latte and ordered just a regular latte so the first drink was a bit of a shock and I got a call from my boss before my latte was halfway finished, it was all good. 

I managed to go to my appointment by myself. The trip to Dripp wasn't a drudgery or painful. I had the strength and energy I needed for both without taxing myself. It felt so good. I drove home with the biggest smile on my face. 

I am getting my independence back. And for that I am filled with much gratitude.

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