Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day Thirty

I've been eating with great abandon, lust and enormous pleasure. After all, the chemo is gone from my system so there is no unpleasant metallic or otherwise abnormal aftertaste tainting my enjoyment of eating or drinking. It made for an extra-special Thanksgiving where I enjoyed every bite of food without apology, easily eating three times my caloric allotment for the day.

I've had to slow down since then as it's important I don't gain extra weight as carrying unnecessary poundage is not something my frail bones need right now. That didn't stop me from taking Eliz, Christie, Sierra and Denise to The Pie Hole in LA even though we had one and a half pumpkin pies, a quarter of an apple pie and two slices of pecan pie (all homemade) on our counter top.

It's not just the pie, but the whole experience of the arts district that makes it special. As I told my Aunt Sally, it's my mission in life to take all that I love to the Pie Hole. Just call me the Pie Piper!

I am thankful for my appetite; that food tastes delicious and yummy again as does coffee and water. I am thankful for pie. Lots and lots of pie.

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